Infinitas puertas abiertas


Infinite Open Doors, ethnography of meeting

The house is the size of the world; rather, it is the world.

Jorge Luis Borges


We say goodbye to A Tree Within and announce Infinite Open Doors

We opened this space to share and to reflect on the experiences about the mandatory seclusion due to an unknown mortal new illness that made entire countries, and their higher education institutions, to close their doors and suspend the face-to-face activities. In A Tree Within, we collected personal experiences and intimate thoughts of that world which, to the extent possible, had to be isolated from the chat, the exploration and the walk as they were conceived.

After months of seclusion, there are new circumstances and hope of a probable return with a sort of normality. Hence, with this end of the cycle, we close this space that has illustrated us. Now, we start up a new project with which all can narrate the future moments of questions and uncertainties, that we have to live.

After having shared one of our most relevant journeys in A Tree Within, the ferocious seclusion that could have grown, we walk toward the Infinite Open Doors, of which Jorge Luis Borges wrote in “Asterion’s house”, to host you and having you in this second historic itinerary: the meeting with an uncertain exit. You are, once more, welcome to the labyrinth.

Infinite Open Doors, ethnography of meeting
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